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Ruby painting process

Ruby's Song - Stage 1-4

Techniques Description:

[ Stage 1 ] The Grid: This is the most critical stage, for if your drawing is off the painting will be seriously flawed. In order to draw well you have to develop your eye to accurately interpret what you are seeing & then be able to transfer it onto a surface (wood panel). I employ the grid technique because I find it to be a great tool in achieving an accurate transfer. When photographing the models I make sure to have enough lighting so I don’t need to use a flash. The flash can sometimes flatten out the skin tones. It is very important that you measure your boxes carefully so that your photo reference & your painting surface will have the same number of boxes & that the boxes between the two are all in the same ratio. I choose to use thread to construct my boxes (I.E. floating grid), this way I don’t have unwanted pencil lines to erase when I finish my drawing. Make sure you study each box individually and observe the negative space (background) as much as the positive space (figures) when you draw. Once I remove the grid I then further define the drawing anatomically to compensate for camera distortion. Then I idealize the figures to my own subjective impulses. I should add that I originally drew in Ruby's legs & feet before sketching in her Mermaid fish-tail. The reason being is that the positioning of her lower body instructed me as to the direction the tail should follow through on.

[ Stage 2 ] The Inking: In this stage I ink a dark green line over my pencil drawing with a thin brush. Essentially, I’m still using oil paint, I’ve just diluted it into a liquid consistency by using alkyd resin as my binder & odorless mineral spirits as my solvent. When inking it is important to be conscious of not only your hand but also of your breathing. For instance, if I’m going in to paint an eyelash, I will most likely be holding my breath or exhaling through the entire stroke. Accuracy is essential for the later stages to work.
Techniques, Page 1

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